There is such a thing as perfect timing XD

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It’s hard to feel bad for long when you have this little snuggler.

I had a terrible nightmare that i woke up at least four times from but kept dreaming about

And now i am stressed from it and sleepy and also have a terrible headache
It’s noon.

I’ve had a terrible headache like all day
Had a bunch of stuff to do on the computer



Don’t you love autumn?

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Gracie’s Sweets set irl


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Anonymous said: Hi! let's swap fcs :) I just got my Ds yesterday :D! (2681 1403 8063)

Aww I’m so sorry, I hardly ever play anymore.

Would anyone be willing to play with anon? Reply to this post with your fcs and maybe they’ll see this and add you? ;u;

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tulilipscrossing replied to your post:tulilipscrossing said: i want pumpkin… how? uh I…

but how pumpkin mask first acnl autumn for me now

u get pumpkin mask on Halloween from….villagers??? I think I don’t remember…i think u scare em and they…..give u mask……

If you lose a game with one of the villagers outside without wearing a full costume, they make a pumpkin mask (same colour as the one they are wearing) appear on your head.
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It’s nice how these guys are always happy to see you and never question why you haven’t been around for like five months.

…Provided you set your date to the time you last played.

It’s still freaking May in my town